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Social Media Marketing Agent


Social Media Marketing Agent, SMMA, continues to help business owners start and manage your own social media marketing strategy.


Just imagine — using social media to reach vast numbers of potential customers while increasing your brand awareness across the internet.


Social Media Marketing Agent draws upon Social Media, Content marketing, Affiliate marketing, E-mail marketing, and videos in our marketing strategy.


SMMA suggests using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Google and Instagram in your strategy to get found online.


Getting found is crucial to online success. At the same time, you will learn to maintain your own website.



And, that’s not all.


Because … you’re not just building a list of followers and fans with social media. Although the numbers you can reach may surprise you.


One of your goals is to build a list of subscriber email addresses, together with their consent to contact them.



You will want to tread lightly with that trust, it can be fleeting if misused.


Your targeted email list is a valuable asset.


Guard your email list because whether individual social media platforms remain viable or not, you’ll always have your valuable list.


Social Media Marketing Agent Recommends WordPress Website for Social Media Marketing


The bottom line is … while you don’t need a website to engage in social media.


You do need a website to engage successfully in Social Media marketing.


At Social Media Marketing Agent, we recommend a WordPress website, for three reasons.


  • First — it’s FREE. Plus, WordPress is highly adaptable to individual needs — and it is open source, so there are no licensing requirements to customize.


  • Second — you will have access to more than 40,000 plugins and at least as many quality WordPress themes.


  • Third — when you use a responsive WordPress theme your WordPress website-blog can be reached easily by phone, tablet, and computer.


WordPress plugins will give your website the power and reach of the most powerful websites in cyberspace.


The fact is, Thirty-One percent of All websites are WordPress websites.


An advantage that many marketers are now discovering is to use “Managed WordPress Hosting” to host your WordPress website.


Why managed WordPress hosting?   


Managed WordPress hosting is Fast, Secure, and Reliable, and it’s as close to 100% worry free as you will find.


The best managed WordPress hosting has already been optimized for WordPress websites.


By following SMMA you will discover how to keep your website faster than your competitors.


The methods used will substantially increase your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Managed WordPress hosting allows business owners the freedom to focus on running your business, publishing content, and selling your products.


The next step in our Marketing strategy is to install an e-mail marketing and list building plugin into our WordPress website.


Animated Videos, subscription forms, and pop-ups will help us achieve our goal to Get Found Online.


Through moderate amounts of effort, many business owners will gather together a substantial email list.

Social Media Marketing Agent Strategy Is Easily Applied



Then by using the right Social Media apps, you’ll work to convert those fans and followers into leads and sales.


By following this simple strategy, a business owner can gain up to 10,000 targeted Twitter followers every 100 days.


At the same time, collecting email addresses and building lists of up to 10,000 subscribers.


So, don’t hold off launching your social media marketing plan due to the cost.


Instead, follow Social Media Marketing Agent and you will soon assemble a social media marketing strategy that suits your needs. Plus, it won’t break the bank.


Aiming your dollars in the right direction is key to success in Social Media marketing. Combining your Twitter success with results from Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram will catapult you above your competitors.


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