Setting Up Facebook For Business

Setting Up Facebook for Business

Setting Up Facebook For Business

Get ready to grow your company by Setting Up Facebook For Business.


This SMMA article will explain exactly how to build a Facebook page for your business.


What Is a Facebook Page?


Your Facebook page is a public profile for businesses, brands, celebrities, and other causes.


Hence, your Facebook page is attached to your Facebook personal profile, but your page operates as a completely separate online presence.




While it’s possible to start a Facebook Page without a personal profile this article is for owners with personal profiles. 


Because Facebook Pages are for business, they come with features not available on personal profiles like analytics, advertising, and post scheduling.


A page can gain an unlimited number of fans, unlike a personal profile.


Log Into Facebook Account


Setting up Facebook for business is as easy as logging into your Facebook profile and clicking the Home button.




You will go to your Profile Home Page.


In the left-hand sidebar, find and click the Page tab in the create section.



This will take you to a page titled “Create a page.” 


You will see two boxes, one titled Business or Brand, and the other titled Community or Public Figure.


Facebook- screenshot 1


This is where you choose the page type that you feel is right for your business.


You will see this message: Connect your business, yourself or your cause to the worldwide community of people on Facebook.


First of all, choose a Page category to get started, then press the Get Started button




Business owners who choose Business or Brand and press the Get Started button see the following form.


Facebook screenshot 2


Enter your Page Name and the category of your business into the form.


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As you enter the category name you will see a dropdown with prompts.


After you fill out the form, press the continue button and add a profile picture.

Facebook screenshot 3


If you have a profile picture, upload it from your computer.


However, if you have no image to upload, click the Skip button and go to step2 of 2 shown below.


Facebook screenshot 4


In step 2 of 2 you can upload a cover photo or click Skip to go to your new Facebook Page


Facebook Page screenshot


Your Facebook page comes complete with the messenger app which many businesses use on their website to communicate with visitors.


For business owners who will be using Facebook Ads, now is a good time to add a Facebook Pixel to your website.



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